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Software License Agreement

This agreement is made between Licensee and Pacific Business Consulting, Inc. (hereinafter called as PBC) concerning a non-exclusive license to use the software products provided by PBC.

(本契約書は英語で交わされるものとする。 尚、本契約書に記載してある日本語の翻訳については、参考表記とし、日本語での契約内容は乙を拘束しないこととする。)
(This agreement is prepared in the English language, and translation in Japanese is for reference purpose only and shall not bind the parties.)

第1条 用語の定義

Article 1 Definitions

So that LICENSEE and PBC can understand correctly the terms and conditions stated in this agreement, major terms are defined as indicated below. :
(1) 「NAV」とは、Microsoft Dynamics NAVをいう。
(1) “NAV” means Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
(2) 「J-Pack(日系企業様向け対応)」とは、日本商習慣への対応機能である日本ローカライゼーション機能を提供するソフトウェアをいう。
(2) “J-Pack” means a localization software package developed for NAV by PBC, containing functions supporting Japanese business practices.
(3) “This Software” consists of “J-Pack”.

第2条 目的

Article 2 Purpose of this agreement

This agreement is made between LICENSEE and PBC concerning a non-exclusive license to use This Software.

第3条 契約関係

Article 3 Relationship with other contracts concerned

甲は、本契約に先立ち、本契約に添付されるMicrosoft Corporation(以下「米国MS本社」という)の提示する「マイクロソフトソフトウエアライセンス条項」及び「マイクロソフトサービスアグリーメント」に関して、承諾を要する各条項について同意するものとし、第7条第1項に基づく保証は、この前提を満たす限りにおいて及ぶものとする。
In connection with this license agreement, LICENSEE shall consent to the terms and conditions on “Microsoft software license Terms” and “Agreement for Microsoft Services” presented by Microsoft Corporation (hereinafter called “U.S. MS HQ”) attached hereto.

第4条 使用許諾

Article 4 License

1. PBC shall hereby grant to LICENSEE a non-assignable and non-exclusive license to use This Software.
2. The number of This Software users shall be according to the number of NAV license users that LICENSEE have purchased.
3. PBC can request LICENSEE the report on the status of license use and look into the matter as needed to the necessary extent.
4. LICENSEE shall cooperate with PBC as much as possible in connection with Item 3 above.

第5条 善管注意義務

Article 5 Care of good manager

LICENSEE shall operate its business using the This Software with the care of good manager.

第6条 機密保持

Article 6 Confidentiality

1. Each party hereto shall keep secrecy of information and documents provided by the other party as confidential and shall use them only for the purpose of performance of this agreement, regardless whether or not they are designated as confidential, not only during but also after the term of this agreement. Neither party shall without the written consent of the other party disclose such information to any third party. These obligations shall not apply to any of the following information:
(1) 開示時に既に公知であった情報
(1) Information already in the public domain prior to this agreement
(2) 被開示者の責に帰することなく公知となった情報
(2) Information which comes into the public domain other than by breach of this agreement
(3) 被開示者が第三者から機密保持義務を負うことなく取得した情報
(3) Information received bona fide by one party from a third party without any obligation of confidentiality.
(4) 被開示者が相手方から開示された情報によらず独自に開発した情報
(4) Information developed by one party without any connection with the information directly or indirectly received from the other party
(5) 被開示者が開示を受ける前から保有していた情報
(5) Information in the lawful possession of one party prior to receipt from the other party.

2. Both parties shall make every effort to implement the respective responsibilities referred to in the preceding item 1.

第7条 権利関係

Article 7 Copyrights, Ownership, etc.

1. PBC warrants that LICENSEE’s use of This Software is completely free from infringement of any copyright holders, etc.
2.If LICENSEE receives any such claim of the damage or the infringement from the other party, LICENSEE shall notify PBC immediately of such damage or infringement.
3. 「本件ソフトウェア」の著作権及び所有権等に関する一切の権利は、乙に帰属する。
3. The copyright to and ownership of This Software shall belong to PBC.

第8条 契約の解除

Article 8 Termination of the contract

1. This agreement may be terminated by one party immediately by issuing a notice in writing to the other party in the event that:
(1) 本契約が定める現在または将来の義務の履行を怠り、かつ相手方当事者より書面による催告がなされたあと30日以内にかかる状態が是正されないとき。
(1) The defaulting party is in breach of any of the terms of this agreement and has failed to remedy such breach within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the notice;
(2) 仮差押え、差押え、仮処分、強制執行、競売の申立て、破産、民事再生、会社更生の申立があったとき又は清算に入ったとき。
(2) A petition for temporary seizure, seizure, provisional disposal, compulsory execution, public sale, bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation or corporate reorganization is made by or against the defaulting party;
(3) 公租公課滞納処分を受けたとき。
(3) The defaulting party is subjected to receive any administrative procedures for collection of national tax and other public duties delinquency;

2. When the both parties jointly want to terminate this contract, the termination shall be valid only by agreement in writing.

3. Any termination of this agreement shall be without prejudice to already accrued rights existing at the date of termination.

4. Even in the case of termination based on Item 1 of this article, one party can request compensation for loss from the other party. However, LICENSEE’s liability is limited to the invoiced and unpaid amount under this agreement.

第9条 協議事項

Article 9 Consultation

Matters not set forth herein or doubts regarding any provisions hereof shall be settled or determined upon consultation between the parties.

第10条 管轄裁判所

Article 10 Jurisdiction

It is hereby mutually agreed that the court having jurisdiction over the registered address of PBC shall have jurisdiction over any dispute which may arise from this Agreement.





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