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Jet Global

Jet Global, a top-level BI and Reporting solution specifically developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, is used by 400,000 users in over 94 countries across the globe. Jet Global is embedded in the familiar Excel environment, giving you more control over reporting than ever before. Pacific Business Consulting regards Jet Global as a solution which greatly reduce the time needed for report development and allows users to enjoy fast and easy analysis. Jet Global offers you a full suite of products including Jet Analytics and Jet Reports.


Jet Reports

Jet Reports, the reporting solution of Jet Global. Jet Reports allows you to get all the operational data you need, in the format that works for you. Any report can be generated exactly the way you want it, no matter where you are. No exporting, no copying and pasting and no programming. In addition, you can consolidate the date from multiple sources and multi companies. With Jet Reports, trial balance and global inventory report across companies can be easily extracted. With the latest version, you can even publish your reports onto web, making your reporting more portable than ever.





Jet Analytics

Jet Analytics, the BI Solution of Jet Global. With little or no training, you can bring all of your information together in one place to enable everyone in the organization to easily perform sophisticated business analysis from anywhere. Jet Analytics also comes with data warehouse and seven pre-built cubes. These cubes include a comprehensive set of dimensions and measures to provide lightning fast and flexible views of Finance, Sales, Purchases, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Manufacturing.


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Product Comparison

Comparison between Jet Reports and Jet Analytics
Functionality Description Jet Reports Jet Analytics
Free-Form Reporting Total control of report formatting and design.
Dynamic Reporting Dynamic Replicate Rows, Columns, Sheets.
Drag and Drop With user-based “Favorite” tables and fields to quickly find your data.
Snippets A permanent clipboard for your Excel logic.
Web Services Run Dynamics NAV Code units from reports to make potentially complicated reporting such as customer specific price lists simple.
Automated Distribution Schedule report runs and distribution as Excel, HTML, CSV or PDF. 
Multiple Database Reporting Consolidate data from Dynamics and non-Dynamics databases alike.
Report Creation Wizards Use wizards to create sophisticated reports easily.
Large library of pre-built reports Create your own reports based on various samples.
Strategic Analysis Lightning fast solution with intuitive drag-and-drop interface  
Cubes Includes pre-defined cubes for Finance, Sales, A/P and Inventory. Purchases, A/R.  
Data Warehouse Based on business areas and optimized for reporting – no need to understand the data structure. Supports multiple database consolidations and transformations.  
Jet Data Manager Drag and drop interface for customizations, data cleansing and business rules for your warehouse and cubes.  
Advanced Security Row level Security based on active directory users and groups.  
Instant Metrics and Trending Pre-configured indicators and KPI’s.  
Budgeting function
(Jet Budget)
Provides a web screen for entering and summarizing departmental budgets from the bottom up, and linking the results to budget data in Dynamics 365 Business Central.  





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