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Dynamics ERP with CRM

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM can be connected using a data integration solution. Integrating the systems can avoid the duplication of data input and master registration to maximize the benefits of ERP and CRM.


Deployment model of Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM

In today’s market environment, where the advance of globalization demands faster managerial decisions, the visualization of information is increasingly important. Under such conditions, customers place a premium on simulation features that use the results obtained from ERP systems with predictions CRM systems. Pacific Business Consulting advocates the following Dynamics ERP and CRM deployment model.





Dynamics 365 Business Central with CRM

Integration with standard functions

Dynamics 365 Business Central supports interactive integration in its standard configuration. Users can set up integration by simply setting up an URL, ID and password for Dynamics CRM in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Standard Data Mapping is already in place and supports interactive associations with any records as necessary.





Interactive screen transition

Users can operate Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly. For example, integrating master data, querying a quotation in Dynamics CRM through Dynamics 365 Business Central, jumping from Dynamics CRM to an invoice in Dynamics 365 Business Central, and so on. Users are not encumbered by two different systems.





Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management with CRM

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is a data integration tool provided by Microsoft. It maps the data communicating with Dynamics ERP and CRM via web services.
Default integration templates and field maps are provided for the most commonly integrated entities such as customers, items, and sales orders. You can modify Connector maps to include custom fields or create new maps as you like. Mapping frequency can also be set up.





Practical System Usage

With Dynamics ERP with CRM, users can manage all operations from an opportunity or sales activity to a sales order, shipping, invoicing and maintenance services in a single ecosystem.
Moreover, users can realize more efficient operation through integration with other Microsoft products. For instance, a user could establish integrated business operation by setting up a system that covers marketing automation to secure more references. 








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