Visual Scheduler Suite

Through our exclusive consulting service, we have received extensive feedback from customers indicating that they wish to have a dedicated tool to visualize production planning and project management and integrate it with ERP.
Visual Scheduler Suite is not an ordinary piece of scheduling software, but instead a simple add-in Gantt chart solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central. It enables smooth implementation by avoiding complicated setup and development to integrate with ERP.

Screen Image and Features

Visual Scheduler Suite is made up of production planning, project planning and service planning. Customer can choose the functions they need based on their requirements.

Gannt chart

Users can easily adjust production planning through drag-and-drop operations on a Gannt chart.

  • Resource load status

    Load status on resources such as production line, staff and machine can be displayed.

  • Parts inventory

    Parts inventory for each production order in can be displayed in a tree structure.

Overview of Visual Scheduler Suite

Gannt chart-based production planning (Visual Production Scheduler)

The suite closely integrates with the manufacturing module in Dynamics 365 Business Central to visualize the operational status of production orders or production lines in Gannt chart format. This allows users to monitor production status and delivery dates at a glance. Moreover, because users are able to adjust production planning with intuitive drag-and-drop operations, they can develop efficiency production plans in the short-term.

Project Planning Gannt Chart (Visual Job Scheduler)

The suite closely integrates with the job control module in Dynamics 365 Business Central to visualize project progress and resource load status in Gannt chart format. This is suited to various industries requiring project control such as system integrators, construction operations and tourism businesses offering customized tours.

Service Planning Gannt chart (Visual Service Scheduler)

This function supports service planning for maintenance service businesses such as on-site repair services, and allows users to allocate repair requests and make scheduling arrangements on a Gannt chart by visualizing the schedules and workloads of field engineers.


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