Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Chinese localization (Simplified/Traditional)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Chinese Localizations (“C-Pack” and “H-Pack”) have been developed entirely by Pacific Business Consulting based on the standard English version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We offer two types of Chinese Localizations, one localized for mainland China (“C-Pack” with simplified Chinese characters) and another localized for Hong Kong (“H-Pack” with Traditional Chinese characters). The solutions include screen translations (Simplified/Traditional) and local functions to meet local legal requirements.

Features of C-Pack

C-Pack is equipped with all necessary legal documents compliant with Chinese standards, as well as additional functions to meet Chinese financial requirements. An interface with Golden Tax System* is counted as one of the solution’s strongest features.
C-Pack also incorporates features necessary for Japanese enterprises to control subsidiaries, including functions to maintain concurrent Japanese and Chinese charts of accounts and financial statements compliant with both Japanese and Chinese standards. Functions can also be added from J-Pack as needed.

  • Golden Tax System

    A tool for issuing tax invoices (indirect tax) in China. The Chinese government requires companies to use the system.

C-Pack Functions

Interface with Golden Tax System

Usually employees input sales data manually into the Golden Tax System. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central C-Pack collects and exports sales data into text files, which can be imported into Golden Tax System. This significantly reduces user workload. Moreover, invoice numbers that have been exported from the Golden Tax System can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Chinese-style Account Code

    Account structures can be set up according to Chinese standards.

  • Documents and Reports

C-Pack Functions List

Features of H-Pack

As Hong Kong is a former colony of the United Kingdom, it is still considered a special administrative region and operates under different legal and taxation systems from mainland China. As Hong Kong has neither value added taxes nor withholding taxes, taxation can be easily controlled with an ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central H-Pack displays screens in the traditional Chinese characters used in Hong Kong and is equipped with standard business documents.


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