Dynamics AX サービス管理ソリューション

SERVICE MANAGEMENT Module is a template solution for the service industry catering to companies that need to provide continuous services, such as equipment sales, IT consulting, maintenance services for manufacturers, auditing firms, law firms and consulting offices.

Solution Overview

From a service agreement management to service order resource allocation, delivering services, evaluating services and even offering a self-service portal, SERVICE MANAGEMENT Module is a comprehensive solution for the maintenance and service industry.


Companies are required to provide services to customers in a speedy, appropriate and also stable fashion to enhance customer satisfaction.
To do so, they must continue to provide efficient services by practicing effective resource management, standardizing employees’ knowledge and monitoring the level of service they provide.
SERVICE MANAGEMENT Module is equipped with various features to support these tasks.

Service Agreement

Users can manage contracts in detail on a system.
Agreement items can be freely defined and invoicing rules can also be stipulated based on the terms of an agreement.

Grouping / Template
Users can group service contracts at an arbitrary point to ascertain profits by area or by rank. The feature also enables smooth contract registration by saving an agreement, such as one for “Standard Support” or “Premium Support” once the terms of the agreement have been incorporated.
Detailed Property Management
Users can set the items (properties) subject to service for each service agreement. This allows users to manage items subject to service by serial number and makes it easy to perform service smoothly when the same item requires different maintenance parts or repair procedures due to the different time of manufacture.
Management of Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Users can establish service level agreements for service contracts.
For example, if a user creates a service order for a service contract that assigns a service level of “Complete on-site maintenance within 48 hours of trouble occurring,” the system can automatically start a countdown from 48 hours.

Service Delivery

One of a service manager’s roles is to manage the service delivery plan, taking into account various factors such as regular visits to customers based on a service agreement, fielding inquiries, handling urgent repair requests and responding to escalations from other divisions.
SERVICE MANAGEMENT Module supports the establishment of efficient means of service delivery by utilizing a knowledge database as well as optimal resource allocation through the centralized management of service orders.

Service Order
A service order (work order) can be created in various ways, such as auto-creation based on a service agreement, manually creation based on a service call, or a web-based request received through a customer self-service portal. Users can control these orders centrally on one monitor.
Dispatch Table / Gantt Chart
Users can control a service delivery plan or service status on the dispatch table.
This enables users to check a service status and change a resource by dragging-and-dropping on the Gantt chart as needed.
Knowledge Database
In the repair service industry, users can increase efficiency by organizing issues and solutions systematically. Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management offers a function to store knowledge by “phenomenon”, “diagnosis” and “solution”, and users can refer to the database when the same issues occur again.

Customer Communication

Customer Self-Service Portal
Enterprise Portal for Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management provides a “Customer Self-Service Portal” where users can share service requests and service status. This supports efficient business design by sharing service status and history online with customers at all times. This frees up time for the service provider that would otherwise be spend reporting statuses or explaining the validity of invoices.


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