Dynamics AX 組立製造業向けソリューション

DISCRETE MANUFACTURING Module is a template solution for the discrete manufacturing industry developed by Pacific Business Consulting based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management Japanese version. The solution is equipped with a wide range of the functions needed in manufacturing, including manufacturing BOM and order creation, production planning formulation, scheduling and production process management, and also optimizes the entire production process.


By closely integrating the manufacturing process with other modules such as Purchasing, Inventory and Finance, DISCRETE MANUFACTURING provides an accurate and visual picture of production management.

BOM Architecture

With standardized BOM settings and BOM version management, users can adapt flexibly to various BOM configurations.
BOM Architecture in Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management enables various management approaches tailored to product configurations.

  • Within a single BOM, the parts to be used can be selected on a per-configuration basis.
  • Different BOM can be applied based on product attributes.
  • Different BOM can be applied according to date-based management.

Manufacturing Process Control

Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management enables users to configure the following flexible settings when setting up manufacturing processes.

  • Different manufacturing processes can be allocated to the same items.
  • Different manufacturing processes can be allocated by date.
  • Similar items can be allocated the same manufacturing processes.
  • Different processing times can be configured for the same manufacturing processes used with these similar items.
  • Processes for conducting multiple manufacturing tasks at the same time or processes that use multiple resources within a single process can be defined.

Master Scheduling

Master Scheduling allows users to calculate demand forecasts based on various index and calculation axes depending on use.
Users can confirm master scheduling by performing production scheduling and then aligning resource allocations for current manufacturing orders with resource allocations for production plans.

代替原料の指定やバージョン管理など、柔軟な配合表管理の機能を実装しています。 代替原料の指定やバージョン管理など、柔軟な配合表管理の機能を実装しています。

Supply Schedule

The Supply Schedule features allows users to reference inventory turnover tables which reflect the results of actual inventory, actual demand and master scheduling.


Production Scheduling

The Production Scheduling feature achieves optimum scheduling based on variables such as the capacity set for resources, task calendars and credentials, and enables users to confirm the following points when performing scheduling

  • Bottlenecked resources
  • Whether to perform exclusive control over resource allocations
  • Whether resources can be allocated in excess of their capacity
  • Whether the criteria specified in manufacturing processes such as resource groups, features, credentials or job titles are being met

Cost Management

Costs in the production management process are calculated based on the unit prices configured for items, processes and BOM and the actual quantities consumed in production management.


Cost Management-Estimated Costs

Estimated costs of manufacturing orders are calculated in the course of the estimation process based on unit price information for items and man-hours registered in BOM and Route.


Cost Management-Actual Costs (Material Costs)

Actual costs of materials put into production processes are calculated during Opening process of manufacturing orders.


Cost Management-Actual Costs (Labor Costs/Indirect Costs)

At the end of a manufacturing order, actual costs are calculated based on actual performance during the production processes, including losses due to defects.



The following cost analysis reports and query screens are available.

Cost Estimate (Reporting)

For costs produced by the materials used in production and the production processes, totals for estimated and actual performance as well as actual costs are shown for each manufacturing order.

Production Order – Pricing Calculation – (Query Screen)

Estimated and actual costs of materials and processes required for manufacturing orders are displayed.


Integration with Other Modules

As the Manufacturing modules of Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management feature powerful integration with other modules including Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financing and Quality Management, support for made-to-order production, order placement for the raw materials required for manufacturing orders and integration with finished product quality management are supported as standard in Dynamics 365 Finance , Supply Chain Management. Furthermore, these processes work together with the Finance Module to automatically sort related journals.


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