Dynamics AX 組立製造業向けソリューション

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail is an Industry Solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It can connect critical point-of-sales (POS) and headquarters processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financials right out of the box for comprehensive solution that delivers value in every area of organization.


Solution Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail is a comprehensive solution with all the store components necessary to mange transactions, customer loyalty and payment processing; a headquarters module to handle assortments, replenishment, pricing and promotions; and ERP capabilities to handle warehouse and logistics and back end processes.

From sales to supply, you can create transactions, track sales, understand consumer behavior, manage inventories, reduce shrink and improve overall operations. You can gain visibility across the entire enterprise, as well as connect with your local sites and your supply chain to grow your business and set you apart from the competiti


Centralized Store Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail can centrally manage stores and POS terminals from back office. Currency, account and item masters to be used in transactions, roles and permissions of store staffs and hardware configuration including POS visual profiles and screen layouts can be all setup from back office. Centralized management helps ensure critical updates across the organization: configurable, flexible inventory and financial updates, sales order payments, gift card usage, and issuance and usage of loyalty points. In addition, journal entries with dimensions are automatically generated by daily closing and transferred to back office. Employees at back offices can view the updated sale information by store, POS terminal, sales person and item and so on.


Flexible POS

Purpose-built POS components are integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail. POS user interface can be optimized for store roles with graphical “drag and drop” designer for improved productivity and customer service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail POS can work offline, ensuring that your stores remain fully operational during network interruptions. All data is automatically updated when the connection is restored.


Powerful Merchandising

Dynamics 365 Retail can optimize profitability with pricing flexibility, including: flexible discounts, group/item/customer discounts, mix and match, and buy-one-get-one scenarios. It supports purchasing and replenishment activities with deciding purchase quantities based on size, color, and style to suggest item distribution between stores with immediate updates to transfer journals.

Global reach and scalability

Dynamics 365 Retail helps you operate your business across geographies and locations with flexible deployment options and built-in support for 38 countries in 40 language versions. It also can adapt quickly to changing business requirements with POS add-ins and extensible headquarters software that can be tailored to meet specific retail needs.
As the all components of Dynamics 365 Retail is based on the common Microsoft technologies, you can easily customize and scale your solution as your business grows and add stores and distribution centers to help you compete—locally and internationally.


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