Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
Optimize entire campaign activities, implement distribution to discover potential customers and improve sales revenue

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing boosts customer demand for products and services and improves marketing results. Users are able to build a rich experience and promote high-quality sales opportunities by using a sales and marketing application in the same platform. Support is also provided to personalize the user experience and establish customer relationships on a large scale.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing includes the following functions.

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Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing functions

Highly-promising potential customers and nurturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provides a personalized experience to approach highly-promising potential customers through multiple channels such as email, web campaigns, events and so on, and also helps users capitalize on promising leads.

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Seamless collaboration with sales teams

Through integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and familiar office tools, the solution enables inter-team process coordination and centralized information. Users can also automate the follow-up process and track progress on the basis of each potential customer.

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Supporting smart decision making

Users can specify the most effective sources and marketing activities by efficiently tracking customer insight and marketing performance. This allows the most effective sources and marketing activities to be identified, summarizes results in reports, and enables the tracking and promotion of the effects throughout the business.

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