Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

An increasingly connected digital world has changed the way customers engage with brands.  In an age of commoditized products and services, companies look to customer experience as a key competitive differentiator. Customer Service organizations are at the epicenter of a company’s ability to deliver a differentiated and a consistent engagement experience.


It supports the omni-channel, which enables consistent experiences across any combination of self and assisted service engagements.  It provides a robust portal for self-service peer-to-peer community support, with seamless transitions to high-touch agent interactions and field service when there is a need for onsite help. Out solution empowers agents with the resources they need to provide fast and effective service. It empowers people at every level of the organization with insights relevant to their role so that everyone can have a positive and meaningful impact on business outcomes.

Case Management

Manages inquiries from customers as a case. It can be registered by various ways such as manual by support agent and auto-creation from email from customers and from social medias such as Twitters.

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Routing function

It allocates a support incident to a specific team or agent automatically based on the pre-defined rules, by product or terms and conditions of each customer.

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SLA Timer

Service providers are required to maintain a fixed service level if you have a SLA(Service Level Agreement) with customers and to measure time from acceptance to response to an inquiry. SLA Timer supports an automatic measurement of response time and time to resolve and sending an alert to a responsible agent.

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Customer Service Hub

It is important for support agents to response to customer’s inquiries promptly. Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides the user-interface called Customer Service Hub, which supports the efficient communication with customer.

Support Case

It extracts the necessary information to response to a customer instantly and updates support status.

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It provides a dashboard where all the performances are viewered at a glance so that  you can watch priority cases, grasp each agent’s tasks and give an appropriate work order.

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