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Our vision is to contribute to Japanese companies by offering Microsoft solutions to strengthen the efficiency and productivity of their domestic and overseas business operations. 

Today, all industries are facing with the rapidly changing economic environment and recognizing the importance of increasing the value of the company. Especially, under such huge global market reform, all Asian countries can not stay out of the change but follow the pace. Under such circumstance, we also have been striving towards improving our business operation in order to support the demand of better managing their businesses.

While the Japanese companies are expanding their operation overseas, we have increased our competence on implementing Microsoft Dynamics software series. In this regards, we have gained extensive experiences on overseas operations such as business practices and taxation. Also, we have developed a partner network chain for global roll-outs. Our aim is to achieve highest level of consultation service and to provide best solutions toward the corporate Japanese customers.

Towards the future, we will continue our development for becoming a company who can contribute to “Useful for Societal Development” by not just focusing on market economy but macro aspect of society, economy and industry. We are aiming at extending sustainable contribution to the future growth of our customers in Asian Pacific countries as well as domestic market.

We have announced our “Ethical Behavior Criteria” in the company and whereby request our employees to act with responsibility as a member of society, and to increase our customer satisfaction by maintaining high level of professionalism.