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ISMS Basic Policy

1. Basic Philosophy

We handle a wide range of information assets, including those entrusted to us by customers, in order to offer various services. To maintain the trust of our customers, we recognize the importance of information security and our responsibility to adequately manage and protect these information assets.
Accordingly, in light of legal and regulatory requirements as well as our contractual obligations, we promote the establishment of security objectives and activities related to information security.

2. Basic Policy

1. We will form an Information Security Committee responsible for taking optimum measures to maintain information security and promoting information security activities.

2. Directors and employees will act in compliance with the information security rules and regulations. We will make the utmost efforts to prevent the information security related incidents, and in the unlikely event of an information security-related incident, we will take corrective action in response and immediately institute appropriate measures to prevent recurrence.

3. We will provide education to employees on a regular basis to maintain and improve information security by measuring its effectiveness.

4. We will periodically review our Basic Policy on Information Security and work to continuously improve our information security system in response to changes to the nature of our business, our corporate structure or technological advancements.

5.The management team will do their utmost and assume responsibility for providing support to ensure the realization of our Basic Philosophy and Basic Policy on Information Security.

Established: June 28, 2019
Akihiko Saeki, President & CEO
Pacific Business Consulting, Inc.