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Code of Conduct

PBC asks its employees to act responsibly as members of society based on the following nine concepts.
Business all starts with providing customers with value. We reinvest the consideration we receive from customers into further activities in a bid to gain greater praise and trust.

(1) We always pursue Customer Satisfaction.
(2) All employees keep morals and good conscience in mind, and aim to adhere to social norms through High Ethical Conduct.
(3) Without relying on inspiration or feelings along, we value Scientific Thinking to correctly understand situations.
(4) We recognize the need to establish Professionalism through self-encouragement and the promotion of creativity.
(5) To achieve the above, Team Spirit of employees is essential. Great success can be accomplished through good communication and the flexible performance of roles.
(6) As we conduct business globally, we enjoy a diversity of customers, markets and colleagues. Cultural Diversity is indispensable for PBC to fully harness its potential.
(7) The first step in achieving Cultural Diversity is Consideration to others. We try to contribute to one another’s achievements and foster mutual trust. Trust enhances the speed and quality of work, and serves as an invigorating source of power for people.
(8) We don’t just focus on producing results; we also seek Joy and Fulfillment in the process of work.
(9) If we act, we can bring about changes in circumstances from which we can learn more. By going forward without fearing the risks, we develop a Pioneering Spirit.

To date, we have chosen unique paths and maintained adventurous minds open to challenging the unknown world. That’s what PBC is.
We continually put our Code of Conduct into practice by fulfilling our goals and contributing to society.